Google collaborates with university students who are enthusiastic about growing developer communities and supports them with commencing student clubs on their campuses. Developer Student Clubs is a program that recognizes and supports university students who are excited about growing developer communities that cultivate learning, sharing, and collaboration.


Concept of DSC ?

The DSC program is a grassroots channel through which Google provides development skills, mobile and web development skills for students, towards employability and helps to improve social skills for working in teams.

Why DSC ?

The DSC program is focused with a vision to inculcate individual’s with skills and knowledge, who are intrigued about the possibilities that developer technologies can bring changes to this world.

Target Audiences :

Anyone who wants to build products,students from all undergraduate or graduate programs inquisitive about developer technologies and able to gain his/her skills and gain interest towards development.


A student can become a member of DSC if he/she abides the recruitment procedure perfectly.

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